World Coffee Lovers: Indonesian Coffee Fragrance And Uniqueness Has Gone Global

Who doesn’t know coffee? One of the most popular drinks in the world that has many fans. In Indonesia, the number of coffee connoisseurs also continues to rise, as evidenced by the many cafes open and still crowded in various cities and regions.

As coffee growers and lovers, Indonesians are blessed with unique and delicious coffee varieties. From this easternmost point of the Old World, Indonesian coffee spread to various worlds such as Arabia, America, Western Europe, and beyond.

Interestingly, most of Indonesia’s coffee production is produced by people’s plantations. In 2019, people’s plantations accounted for 96 percent of national production amounting to 761.1 thousand tons. So you could say, Indonesian coffee contributes greatly to driving the people’s economy, from upstream to downstream. From plantations to coffee shops, from farmers to coffee connoisseurs abroad.

Yeah, Indonesian coffee is already global. The taste is distinctive, making many countries in the world subscribe to import Indonesian coffee. Of the many types that exist, here are 7 types of coffee native Indonesia whose fragrance has gone global:

1. Arabica Gayo
This coffee from Aceh has a light texture with the right sour taste. For coffee fans who do not really like coffee with a sour taste, this coffee is very suitable to be enjoyed. Gayo arabica coffee is very enjoyed in continental Europe and America and makes gayo arabica very popular there because of its distinctive taste and aroma.

2. Arabica Bali Kintamani
Kintamani Arabica coffee has a medium thickness and a light and soft taste. This coffee has a unique fruity taste, with a sour and fresh taste of fruit that is its trademark. Japan, Arabia, and Europe have subscribed to importing this coffee from Bali, Indonesia.

3. Arabica Toraja
Its characteristic is a bitter taste at the beginning and then disappears without a bitter after taste at all. This original Sulawesi coffee has an earthy taste, which is a sensation of earth or forest taste with a low sour taste.

4. Arabica Mandheling
Sumatran Mandheling coffee is one of the four common types of Arabica coffee. Mandheling Sumatra coffee is grown on the volcanic mountainside of Mount Leuser near the port of Padang in balak region, central-west Sumatra. Mandailing coffee is perfect for those of you who do not like bitter coffee. In addition, the body is certainly very suitable to be enjoyed with snacks when hanging out with your friends.

5. Arabica Sidikalang
Sidikalang coffee is included in the ranks of one of the best coffees in the world and many are juxtaposed with Brazilian quality coffee. This is one of the most popular Indonesian Arabica coffees worldwide. Sidikalang coffee is grown in the Bukit Barisan area under cool air and mineral-rich soil, so it is not surprising that it produces the best quality coffee and is also very popular with world coffee connoisseurs.

6. Arabica Flores
This coffee from Flores has a fairly thick consistency with a low acidity level. Even this type of coffee has a dominant taste of chocolate and vanilla by giving an after taste effect like nuts.

7. Arabica Java Ijen Raung
This type of coffee which has a slightly spicy taste with the aroma of forest flowers has been exported to the European market. This is coffee produced by farmers in the East Java area.

Achievement of Indonesian Coffee in the International World

Indonesian coffee has received recognition from within the country and abroad as a high quality organic Arabica coffee. The following are some of the awards and awards achieved by Indonesian Arabica coffee, including:

  1. The high quality of Indonesian Arabica coffee has led to its achievement as a “world coffee heaven” of Arabica coffee in various coffee-producing regions of Indonesia, with the highest average rating in the cupping score.
  2. The International Fair Trade Organization awards Fair Trade Certified™ for Indonesian Arabica coffee in various regions of Indonesia that produce Arabica coffee beans.
  3. The Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights issued a GI certificate (Geographical Indication) for Gayo Arabica coffee as the producer of the best Arabica coffee beans and most favored by world coffee connoisseurs. The quality of Gayo coffee also has many awards and awards from the international community which proves that Gayo coffee is one of the world’s best organic coffees produced by Indonesian coffee.

The coffee list above is only a small part! There are still a number of other Indonesian coffees whose taste is well known throughout the world. Like Lintong coffee from Sumatra, Wamena Papua coffee, to Luwak coffee, for example. They all have their own unique taste.

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