The Best Coffee In The World, Let’s Get To Know Arabica Gayo Coffee

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee bean producers in the world. As a coffee bean-producing country, Indonesia has a variety of coffee beans that are enjoyed by coffee lovers around the world. One of the best coffees is Gayo Arabica which is known to coffee lovers. Gayo coffee is one of the arabica coffee varieties, one of the leading commodities originating from the Gayo highlands, Central Aceh, Indonesia.

Aceh is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has a special regional status, where Aceh has special autonomy authority from the Indonesian central government in the government system and bureaucracy. In addition, Aceh is also well known as the center of the largest Arabica coffee production in Indonesia and also in Asia with the best coffee quality in the world.

Aceh is located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra which is known to have various types of uniqueness ranging from culture, customs, culinary specialties, beautiful natural scenery and other unique things. The coffee is better known as “Gayo” coffee because of its distinctive aroma and coffee taste. Gayo coffee is a superior commodity of arabica coffee varieties originating from the Gayo Highlands, Central Aceh, Indonesia.

History of Coffee Gayo

As for the history of coffee, we cannot escape the dark history of colonialism, especially in Indonesia. The policy of forced cultivation and the harshness of the global coffee trade. Gayo coffee has existed since the Dutch colonial era. 17th century, during the VOC (Dutch East Indies Trade Company). After growing coffee in Java, the Dutch expanded their land to the northern tip of the island of Sumatra in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD). At that time, coffee became an important commodity for the Dutch trade union. Under Dutch colonial rule, many coffee farmers suffered.

During the colonial occupation, the Dutch cleared tens of hectares of coffee plantations and were managed by local residents in the highlands of Aceh. Gayo coffee itself is widely grown in the Bener Meriah, Takengon, Gayo Lues, and surrounding areas. The Dutch colonial government at that time implemented a regulation that local residents were only allowed to consume Robusta coffee. Meanwhile, the Gayo Arabica coffee variant is exported abroad. This factor is the beginning of the enjoyment of Gayo coffee, which is famous throughout the world.

Gayo Coffee Plantation

Plantations in Gayo, Central Aceh, average elevations of 1,000 to 1,400 meters above sea level. The site is near the town of Takengon and close to Lake Tawar. The majority of the tribes living in this area are Gayo.

There are two places where Gayo coffee grows namely Takengon, Central Aceh and Bener Meriah. The extensive coffee plantations grow on an area of 95,000 hectares at an altitude of about 1200 meters. With a low air temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, these highlands are very suitable for growing different varieties of coffee plants.

The plantations in this area are managed by individuals and the crops are grown in the shade (shade coffee). The seeds produced are Arabica seeds suitable for planting in this region.

Arabica Gayo Coffee Flavor Character

Gayo coffee’s strong flavor character, low acidity with hints of spice makes it very popular, especially in the United States and Europe. Because of its clean character, it sells well as a house blend. The characteristic of Gayo Arabica coffee is that it tends to have an inconsistent taste. This is because the coffee plantations in the Gayo Highlands have different elevations and different cultivation methods. When coffee is grown in different areas, at different altitudes, and with different varieties, it is possible that the physical quality and flavor characteristics are also different.

The character of Aceh Gayo Coffee from the Gayo Highlands is known to have a distinctive taste with the main characteristics, including complex aromas and flavors and strong viscosity. But not only that, here are some characters of Gayo Aceh coffee which are in great demand in the international market.

  1. Tropical Fruit, where the taste of Gayo Aceh coffee is like fresh fruit.
  2. Long Sweet Aftertaste
  3. Good Mouthfeel
  4. The recommended roasting profile for this coffee is Medium.

The taste character of Aceh Gayo coffee is actually similar to Sumatran coffee in general, the difference is that it has a clean aftertaste. Because of the character of the taste of the beans, this coffee is often used as a mixture for house blends in cafes.

Gayo coffee is divided into 2 types based on the quality, namely gayo specialty coffee and regular coffee. The difference between the two is seen from the special treatment in processing. For gayo specialty coffee, coffee is handled specifically starting from the area, variety, and processing. In contrast to regular gayo coffee which does not have special treatment in its processing.

Advantages of Gayo Coffee

Of the many types of coffee in Indonesia, Gayo coffee is one of the most popular and worldwide coffees. Gayo Arabica coffee has been named the best organic coffee in the world. This type of coffee has different aroma and taste characteristics, namely aroma and flavor. Its health benefits are well known throughout the world. One of them is preventing depression, preventing skin cancer, improving mood, burning fat, boosting the immune system, and much more.

Another thing is also related to the climate and the type of soil that exists in the highland area which has hilly land with an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level. This of course will support the organic coffee production process. No wonder the resulting taste is very distinctive and steady.

In addition, with wet processing carried out by Gayo coffee farmers. This wet processing method is very unique. And this is one of the factors that causes this organic coffee to have the best taste. In agricultural practices that have been carried out by farmers in general are in accordance with consumer demands. Gayo coffee is grown with an organic farming system that really pays attention to various aspects. For this reason, it is not surprising that Gayo coffee is superior to other coffees and has even become popular in the international market.