PT. Duri Rejang Berseri was founded in 2010 with a deed of establishment on November 22, 2000, PT. Duri Rejang Berseri was originally a trading company to improve the company’s prospects, so the company founders looking for opportunities to further expand the company’s work field in order to be more developed, so many investors are interested in cooperating and investing in the company PT. Duri Rejang Berseri which is showing the progress of his company and PT. Duri Rejang Berseri has several subsidiaries, namely PT. AL Kadinan, PT. Duri Rejang Lestari and PT. Duri Rejang Bestari.

PT. Duri Rejang Berseri houses of Dureri Coffee as a provider of raw materials for coffee beans to be distributed to our customers. We have members from small industries in Indonesia. Our dedicated production and quality control teams have worked tirelessly to deliver the highest quality products that our customers expect. Supported by technology and the best farmers for our coffee plantation. Our top priority is to meet our customers satisfaction and expectations.

The existence of Kopi Dureri as a provider of coffee raw materials and aims to supply Gayo and Bengkulu coffee to our customers internationally, where nearly 70% of people and the world population in the millennial era can enjoy coffee widely. The variety of Indonesia coffee gives the nuance that Indonesia is one of the world’s coffee paradises that must be visited. The best of all things considered.


Become a national company that is able to provide good quality and performance.


  • Provide the best service to colleagues and clients quickly and consistently.
  • Providing services and competitive prices
  • Providing a fleet that is reliable, complete, maintained and focused on efficiency and safety.

employee social welfare

  • Fair wages for all farmers and employees,
  • Creating a healthy and safe working environment,
  • Helping the community improve their income that brings better living standards and education.

Company Value

Our Teams

Muhammad Yoridho

Chief Executive Officer

“Forget what’s left behind, think ahead, and enjoy the moment.”

Rizfi Nur

export Manager

“No need for too much style, which is important to be happy.”

Febrian Liunardo

Business Development

“When we have each other, we have everything.”

Muhammad Ala

Web Developer

“Live life the way you want as long as it’s positive.”